Breakfast restaurant near me (Berea, OH)

Breakfast is a meal that gives you a vibe for a whole day, and a good breakfast gives a good vibes, right? A good breakfast is like “a must have” on a daily basis. But what are people looking for by meanings “ good breakfast place” , or “ breakfast near me”, it looks like a regular and easy question but there a lot of criteria which people are using when looking for a good breakfast!

We think that we can help you with these kind of questions and you find something helpful for yourself. Please, check this page out!

Everyday we do a lot of decisions about many different things; and one of them is really a very important one – where to go and what to get for a good breakfast, or a good breakfast place near me! People are using google search for everything and “a good breakfast near me” is not an exclusion!
By typing “ a good breakfast near me” people looking for things such as:

  • location
  • good food
  • prices
  • rating
  • reviews
  • new experience
  • something unique
    A good breakfast, nowadays, is a perfect combination of everyday breakfast food ( eggs, bacon, croissants, crepes, pancakes, French toasts..) with trendy items, new presentation, unique combinations and FLAVOR!!! It has to be delicious!
    Uniqueness will help to catch the attention! Also when people search “breakfast place NEAR ME” that means they don’t want to go far away for a food, 15-20min is max.
    So, what do we offer?
    Just listen to this: warm, buttery croissant with melted mozzarella, warm ham and fried egg; or savory crepe with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, spinach, bacon and scrambled eggs; or if you want to spoil yourself a little and go for a rich, creamy, nutty Nutella spread with strawberries and bananas! Or enjoy our fluffy French toasts with melted butter pieces and rich maple syrup! Is that a good breakfast place? Yes!! Now you will know better than Google where is the “good breakfast near me”!

Also you can enjoy light vanilla yogurt with crunchy granola, freshly cut strawberries and bananas and some honey as a garnish! Just a short reminder: any of our either savory or sweet crepes can be a perfect option for your breakfast taste!

Our recipes are very unique and full of flavor, all of our crepes can be great either for breakfast, brunch, lunch and early dinner!

We, Mariia Grygorchuk and Olena Firman, the owners, both are from Ukraine ( Europe) where crepes are always the right option for a good breakfast, for an everyday meal, and we know everything about crepes, all the secrets and special ingredients!

We are trying to share our “back there” food preparation experience with our customers, show them more and more options for a good breakfast place!

Not a crepe fan – not a problem, we offer many alternative options – croissant sandwiches , whole bread paninis ( with ham, bacon, grilled chicken), with different sorts of cheese, also we can do any Gluten Free Crepe or Vegan Crepe, or you can have something sweet such as macarons, or different pastries ( Tiramisu, Sacher, Banana Foster, Decadent, Chocolate Cherry cheesecake…) for your sweet tooth!!