Coffee tips from La Crepe in Strongsville

Do you know the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans? Arabica beans were first variety of coffee in the world. It has a delicate nature and must be grown in mountainous areas with moderate amounts of rainfall and stable temperatures. As of the delicate nature of its climate, it is more difficult to grow and its yield is more unpredictable. The taste of Arabica is more softer, sweeter, fruity and has less caffeinated!

Robusta is more stronger coffee beans then Arabica. It has to grow and give fruit at a lower altitudes. Also, it is able to withstand weather fluctuations and more resistance to diseases. As the result its yield is more predictable. Robusta has a rich spicy taste, gives a creamier form at the espresso shot, has more caffeine and antioxidants.

We put our costumers preferences and choices as our number one priority.We serve our coffees with Arabica beans 🫘 . It gives unique and delicious taste for our coffee drinks, especially “Coffee Breve”, “Espresso Romano”, “espresso macchiato”, even our classic late and cappuccino tastes is unbeatable.