Best restaurant in Berea OH

Jul 08, 2021
Berea – a city which is perfect for families, families with kids, grandparents with grandchildren, young couples, and of course students. People easily can spend a whole day in Berea, there…
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Breakfast restaurant near me (Berea, OH)

May 14, 2021
Breakfast is a meal that gives you a vibe for a whole day, and a good breakfast gives a good vibes, right? A good breakfast is like “a must have” on…
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Short History About Crepes

Apr 08, 2021
A brief history  Who invented crêpes?  Henry Carpentier  The dish was created out of a mistake made by a 14 year old assistant waiter Henry Carpentier (1880–1961) in 1895 at the…
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Fun and knowing quiz from La Crepe Bakery and Cafe

Jan 27, 2021
Hi!! How are you?! Here is a short quiz where you can test your knowledges in a worldwide kitchen science!! There might be something that you already know and something that…
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Converting recipes

Jan 17, 2021
Hello!! So today we would like to talk about some kitchen math, oh yes, there’s a lot of math in the kitchen!!! The first and one of the most important moments…
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Interesting to know about La Crepe

Nov 30, 2020
Hi everyone!!! We are continuing adding to our blog, and we decided to share with you with some common questions and answers that people are usually interested about, so here we…
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About our Blog

Jul 22, 2020
Hello!! Welcome to our Blog!! We, Mariia Grygorchuk and Olena Firman, are the owners of La Crepe Bakery & Café! We are from Europe, specifically Western Ukraine, and both of us…
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