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What is the difference between Latte and Latte Macchiato?

Latte, also known as caffè latte, is an Italian coffee with frothed milk served with a silky layer of foam. It is similar to a cappuccino, but there are some differences – in the ratio of milk, water and coffee, which are mixed to create a perfectly balanced milky coffee that looks attractive and has an incredible texture.

Macchiato is literally translated from Italian as “stained”, and indeed in this case the foamed milk seems to “stain” the espresso. To make a macchiato, make a shot of espresso and then add a little of foamed milk. Try to stick to something like this: 90% coffee to 10% milk. In short, to tell the difference between a macchiato and a latte, remember that a macchiato is espresso with a small amount of frothed milk, while a latte is coffee with quite a lot of foam.

The main difference is the amount of milk content. Both macchiato and latte consist of espresso and frothed milk. However, the two drinks differ in the proportions of milk and espresso. Here’s what you need to know about macchiato and how to make your own.

So, is it interesting to make it yourself? We hope that information, tips and tricks, will help you to make your latte or latte macchiato incredibly tasty. Now, you won’t have any difficulties in preparing macchiato in your own kitchen. We will be happy to see how your drinks look and to hear your life-hacks in the coffee receipts. You can post videos and you feedback on our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram or just send them to our email: