Converting recipes

Hello!! So today we would like to talk about some kitchen math, oh yes, there’s a lot of math in the kitchen!!! The first and one of the most important moments in converting your recipes is the RCF – recipe conversion factor! So, the yield information is shown as one or more of the following : total number of portions, total volume, total weight. NY ( new yield ) the total you need, OY (old yield) the total you have! NY divide OY = RCF The NY and OY must be expressed in the same way before you can use the formula! If the OY calls the amount in fluid oz and you want to make 2 QT , you need to convert QT to fluid oz before you can find the recipe conversion factor RCF. For converting portion sizes: if you have 3 16oz portions, and you need to make 10 8oz portions, so you have to find the total old yield OY and the total new yield NY of the recipe, so 3 *16= 48 10*8= 80 , now NY divide OY, 80 divide 48= 1.7 RCF That is the number you need to multiply with each recipe ingredient in your original recipe to get the desired amount!!


Crepe Batter OY 20 CREPES. NY 5 CREPES. RCF =5/20=0.25 Eggs. 8 eggs. * 0.25 =. 2eggs. milk. 454g * 0.25 =. 113.5g. water. 8 oz * 0.25 =. 2oz. vegetable oil. 14g * 0.25 =. 3.5 g. all-purpose flour. 227g * 0.25 =. 56.75g. salt, sugar, vanilla extract, spices all to your taste

Bon Apetit!!!!!