Interesting to know about La Crepe

Hi everyone!!! We are continuing adding to our blog, and we decided to share with you with some common questions and answers that people are usually interested about, so here we go…

What was/is the hardest for us in this business?

The hardest was to understand customers needs, that sometimes our customers need more service and a good conversation rather than a food! Sometimes we forgot that even in a restaurant business people need more hospitality and attention than just a food on their plate! But now we know our customers needs, and they and us are always happy to see each other!!

Who are our customers, what is our target market?

After almost 4 years in this business we have a lot of customers, for example on Saturday and Sunday our dining area is always full ( of course with 6’ distance, 2020), we like to talk to our visitors, ask what do they like to eat for breakfast or lunch, what kind of coffee do they like to drink, from what city they came to visit us, and believe it or not but some people are driving 45min to get in to our cafe, that is huge!!! We are very happy and grateful!! Also we have a lot of customers from other states, how?? Easy, the Airport is very close, so usually on early mornings we have families, group of friends, people who was attending seminars, etc. They are sharing their food experience with us too!!! We love to welcome everyone who is looking for a delicious and unique food experience, who is adventurous to try something new, and share their time with us!! We also have a lot of call in orders and Grubhub, Ubereats!

What is so unique about our place?

Most all our crepes are unique, you will never see the same menu somewhere else! Squid Ink Smoked Salmon Crepe, Goat Cheese Dates and Pistachios Crepe, Brie and Pear, Tiramisu Crepe, and more… It is based on recipes all over the Europe, we just give a little American note to it!

Why is our coffee so delicious?

Our coffee is the best, we have certified barista who catches all the coffee trends, we know what coffee beans are the best, we do a lot of researches about coffees, like this one ( which is very interesting) – regular espresso has 30ml of coffee, when lungo is short black with much more water, it is larger than espresso but it is not Americano, so espresso has more flavor but less caffeine (only coffee oils are in the drink-that is why it is so strong in flavor), when lungo is milder in flavor bur has more caffeine. We do coffees such as Breve, Bonbon, Glace, espresso Romano, Double Espresso Macchiato, S’mores Latte….

Private parties, large orders to pick up?

We do private parties, such as Birthdays, Baby showers,Bridal showers, girls nights, you can always email us or call us for more info. We also can make crepes for your party, either savory or sweet, for as much people as you want!